To celebrate the launch of the new Home of Retro Ford clothing line, which features images of the classic Ford Transit, here are 10 things you probably didn’t know about the Ford Transit.

  1. The Ford Transit is extremely spacious and in 1965 it was actually used by handlers at London Zoo to move two baby elephants!
  2. The Transit has a musical pedigree with both Coldplay and the mighty Status Quo using the vans as tour buses when they first started gigging.
  3. Even royalty are partial to the Ford Transit. Rumour has it that William and Kate used one to travel around Anglesey unnoticed during their time living on the island.
  4. Back in the 60s it wasn’t all Bentleys and chauffeurs for Premier League footballers, the Tottenham Hotspur team (featuring Jimmy Greaves himself) travelled in a Transit to and from matches.
  5. In 1965, 48 students from Barking College wedged themselves into a Transit minibus to become World Record Holders!
  6. The Ford Transit was 50 years old in 2015 and is still going strong: one in four vans sold in the UK is a Transit with one sold globally every three minutes.
  7. Look after your classic Ford Transit because an original one in good nick from the sixties could be worth as much as £50,000 today.
  8. The term ‘White Van Man’ was first used in the British press in 1997 in an article published in The Sunday Times about van drivers being the scourge of Britain’s roads!
  9. The Sun used to run a regular ‘White Van Man’ column where a driver was interviewed about the issues of the day. The column featured a picture of the driver leaning out of the window of his van – which has itself become an iconic image associated with the vehicle.
  10. Sarah Kennedy began a regular White Van Man feature on BBC Radio 2 and such was its popularity that she was made honorary president of the Ford Transit Owner’s Club.

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