Buying your first car is a rite of passage and you always look back on your first old banger with great fondness, regardless of how bad it was. There have been some truly amazing cars built over the years, but no car manufacturer has managed iconic cars through the ages as much as Ford.

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Ford’s iconic creations of the 1960s

During the swinging Sixties, the Ford plant in Dagenham started production on the Ford Cortina, which in 1967 became Britain’s best-selling car. It held this title for nine out of ten years between 1972 and 1981, narrowly being outsold by the Ford Escort in 1976. The Cortina had several facelifts over the years but its design was always recognisable as a Cortina. Such was its popularity that The Clash even referenced the Ford Cortina in their song Janie Jones and the car was used frequently in the Carry On films.

The other great Ford invention of the 60s was the Ford Transit van. And it’s still going strong 51 years later, accounting for 25 per cent of van sales in 2015. It has served many purposes over the years, but is most commonly recognised for its ‘White Van Man’ associations.

1970s cool, Ford style

Back to the cool kids on the block, when you think about other cool motors from the 70s it doesn’t take long for the iconic Capri to cruise into view with its fluffy dice dangling from the rear view mirror. The Capri was known as ‘the car you always promised yourself’ and was designed to bridge the gap between a sporty little two seater and a sensible family saloon!  It meant that you could still cart the kids around but be stylish and fun at the same time. The inspiration for the Capri came from Ford of America’s popular muscle car, the Mustang (which is still hugely successful and actually has a right hand drive model coming to the UK soon). The Capri became synonymous with 70s cool and despite ceasing production in 1986, still continues to have a cult following. Prices are pretty steep nowadays so it can be hard to get your hands on one.

Enter the boy racer

In the 80s and 90s, the Escort and Fiesta revved things up a gear and the era of the Boy Racer was born! The previous ‘sensible’ models were replaced with ‘souped up’ versions. Model variations came with Xs in their names, adorned with spoilers and big exhaust pipes. Loud music emanating from the rolled down windows was a prerequisite. Nothing said youth back then like a Ford Fiesta or Escort… good times!

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