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Smartphone Projector


The last word in smartphone accessories. A brilliant Smartphone Projector with adjustable focus that can enlarge and project the images from the screen of your phone onto any flat surface for a truly astounding viewing experience.

The easy way for quick and convenient big screen action, make your everyday viewing a whole new experience without the fuss of batteries or wires!

Simply insert your smartphone into the projector to see the image displayed, then use the adjustable focus to ensure the image is pristine.

So whether you’re watching the latest movies, hottest TV series or the biggest sporting events, make your smartphone screen bigger and better than ever with the Smartphone Projector.

Light and portable, the Smartphone Projector is also reliably sturdy and durable. A silicone pad is built in to the projector base to ensure your phone stays securely housed while in use.

Easy to follow instructions in how to use the Smartphone Projector are included on the packaging.

No batteries or wires required.


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